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The black humanity faced tremendous torture through the centuries, limitation their rights as citizens and privileges as humans. From around the time of 1865 to the sass did Negroes have to endure such cruelty and racism socially, politically, and economically. Goals of the African-Americans were to secure physical protection from abuse and local terror by local whites, equal civil rights, economic Independence, and political participation. Even after the civil war was over, African Americans were still not treated as citizens.

Socially, African Americans and whites were segregated and maintained that aggregation through limitations created by people who wanted to prevent the black society to receive the full rights that white men had. By 1870, over 4,000 schools were built and established for the education of freed African Americans In the South, teacher-training institutions were created, and several black colleges were founded and some were financed with the help of the Freedman’s Bureau. One of the many struggles was that the Freedman’s Bureau had inadequate funds and were unable to discontinue most poverty, and failed to prevent the emergence of the Black Codes.

The Social limitations that African Americans experienced were that their schools received much less funding than those for whites. The quality and condition of their school books and the buildings where dilapidated. This prevented children from receiving the benefits of education and receiving the ability to learn exceedingly. This cruel discrimination left African Americans worse than it was before slavery. The unfairness and callousness continued even though a war had been fought for Justice. Many African Americans felt they had no other choice but to leave to the North. Yet still racism laid within the hearts of men and women all over.

This hindered fathers of family’s from getting profitable Jobs to provide for their families, it wounded the hearts of children when they walked down the streets filled with proud and prejudice whites, crushing their dreams and shattering their perception of identity, to realize they were unwanted, despised, and segregated, because of the color of their skin. Many whites felt superior and thought they had the right to take away the liberty and freedom of so many African Americans by undermining their society through these limitations that deprived negro families of living the God giving life they deserved.


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