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Good afternoon miss movie. And year 10, today I will be speaking about a novel and a The opening scenes of the freedom writers movie are riots and you can hear gun shots , the audience is assailed with discordant sounds both dietetic and non dietetic, this also helps to convey the chaos of the context which is the social background to the film Through the film there Is a reliance on various forms of signage that provides insights for the audience about characters and events.

The first of these is introduced at the end of the news footage This is followed up by specific reflections of the events on a community. Voice over narration guides the audience through the next section of the film. Clear Juxtaposition become evident In the presenting the tensions between the various cultural groups in the school. Eves domestic situation is depicted as on the one hand being loving, her home is neat and tidy, yet she is surrounded by gang violence of which she is a third generation participant.

After her father is arrested she turns to gangs for her retention. In Introducing eves story, the director of the film Is representing her personal challenge, which Is to break free of the cycle of violence that has decimated her family. The film then cuts to contrasting scene, aril gruels is introduced to the audience her fresh idealism, real fighting should happen In the classroom, is Juxtaposed to the more cynical attitude of her supervisor. Close up shots are used frequently In this scene to accentuate the different attitudes of both the Individuals and to establish the conflict that will erupt between them.

Reins appearance and clothing, particularly her pearls are brought to attention. The pearls will become a symbol of her defiance and determination through the film Erin Is a young Idealistic new teacher about to begin her first Joss TA high school that has numerous problems. Speaking to her husband Erin notes how her father was active in the civil rights movements I the sass’s, and she too wants to make a difference, she wants to get the students at this school to accept one another At the end of the film, the children come to see their English class as home and It


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